Canada Day Eh?


Well Happy Canada Day faithful listeners - or should I say Happy HST Eh? Can't help feeling that it's a bit ironic to drop a new tax on us on the day that we celebrate being Canadian.

Some news in the comedy world - it was 30 years ago today that John Wing did his first stand up gig - and I'm sure you will agree that it was the best decision he made. Check out the Edumacation Gala in the Full Sets section on Saturday to hear John's performance - it will make you Laugh Out Loud!

The memorial for Irwin Barker in Toronto is set for July 8th at the Dominion on Queen in Toronto. Here's the Facebook link if you'd like to go and celebrate Canada's most influential comedian, Everyone in the biz will be there including yours truly.

Ali, Scott and I wish you all a happy Canada Day!

~ TR
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