The World's Biggest Joke Thief


... Is apparently an Italian satirist (not Satanist) named Daniele Luttazzi. This guy basically lifted bits from some the best comics in the game, past and present - George Carlin, Eddie Izzard, Emo Phillips, Bill Hicks - translated them into Italian, and passed them off as his own! There's over 500 bits that he's hacked.

Obviously, this irks me because the guy's just taking. It's a dick move...

But the other thing that's bothering me is that this guy clearly has no idea that English is the language of the world. If he reversed it - hacked a bunch of Italian comics and translated into English - maybe it wouldn't be so idiotic (mind you, this sidesteps the whole part about stealing being wrong...) But c'mon man, use your head.

Lutazzi was/is regarded as one of Italy's top satirists... And he's a hack? NOT cool!

When I first heard about this story, I thought there was some point of debate - that Lutazzi was taking, I don't know, old Italian stories or common bits, and retooling them for English stand up. If it was something like that, then one could argue that he was creating something new. But what he actually did was hack a group of great comics and drop an Italian dub track on their hard work! Burn!

- Ali
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