Comedy Star of the Week!


Our comedy star of the week is Greg Kettner. I asked him some questions, and he gave some short, to the point answers!

What made you get into comedy?
A dare from my buddies.

Which comedians have influenced your career?
Bill Cosby, Craig Ferguson (The Late Show one).

Completely random, but what 3 albums are you listening to right now?
"Day for a Night" The Hip (best damn band of all time), "Doing Time" Jim Gaffigan, Simon & Garfunkel (as I"m going to the show next week).

What is the funniest television show in history?
The Cosby Show / The Office.

What will you be doing with the $200?
Handing it over to my landlord.

Who was the best comedy dad in television history?
Bill Cosby.

Thanks and congrats again!

- Scott
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