Socks, Power Drills and Ties


Ever notice how advertisers push really hard for Father's Day and still come up with nothin'? Every year it's the same thing - socks, ties and power tools of any sort. Father's Day gifts are about "leisure work". Leisure work usually involves doing something outside, like mowing the lawn or washing the car. Marketers have successfully convinced us that these are the things Dad's really like to do.

My Dad's leisure work is riding his motorcycle or working on his sailboat - or reading the current Stieg Larsson book. I don't think I've ever given him socks or a tie in my life - although I did make him a rather fancy ashtray out of a lump of clay one year.

Here's the best present you can give your Dad - listen to the show this weekend! Ali, who is not only the host but a standup comic and father of two, shares his stories about being a dad and we've pulled an excerpt from an old show called "Dawn of the Dad" - and to finish, one of our favourites - Gilson Lubin.

Happy Father's Day - and have a great Laugh Out Loud

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