Our Latest Rant


So something that I've noticed last week during the days leading up to the opening night of the new Sex and the City movie... I've heard numerous girls excited for the release, and having Sex and the City parties before the launch of the movie. They dress up, have drinks, play games, and do whatever the hell these 4 women above do.

I'm not one for dressing up for a movie. I've never understood the appeal. However, I find it hilarious when the same girls make fun of geeks who dress up for Star Wars, Star Trek and other sci-fi movie premieres. You're doing the same thing!

So while you head to the movies in your new outfit and a cosmo in hand, just remember ladies... you're just like these guys:


AND these guys:


But enjoy the movie!

That's my rant for today. Speaking of rants, check out our new rant by Rachel David on our Facebook page, as she rants about... well... Facebook! Click here to listen.

- Scott

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