Comedy Star of the Week!


Our Comedy Star of the Week is Andrew Hunt! I asked him a couple questions that you can read below:

What made you get into comedy?
When I was in 8th grade I did a Standup Routine at the Lambton County Public Speaking Finals (instead of doing the typical speech about my dog or The Detroit Redwings). I came in dead LAST, but I was featured in several newspapers. And I realized that most people love a good laugh, even if the judges do not.
Who do you look up to in comedy?
I love Bob Odenkirk and Dylan Moran. They never insult the audience's intelligence with their jokes. I grew up wishing I was Jim Carrey (as most of us did). Lately, I am laughing a lot at New York comedian, Alison Rosen.

What made you decide to write this song?
I am releasing a comedy album this summer called "People Look Gross When They Laugh". And every good album needs a love song.

Has your video helped or cramped your dating game?
I get SO many dates! It's insane!! Did I say, "I get dates?" Because I meant, "I'm so lonely that I just started making friendship bracelets...... for myself." 

What will you be doing with the $200?
I will start with a pizza party! And I might record some fake party noises onto a CD; so that the pizza guy doesn't judge me when I order the Family-Size deal; and eat it all to myself. And I will be using a chunk of it to get to The World Cup of Comedy in Toronto from Sarnia!

Congrats once again!

- Scott
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