Comedy Star of the Week!


Frank Spadone! You have probably heard Frank in our Laugh of the Day segments. Our producer Tracy Rideout took some time to interview Frank:

What was the thinking behind creating a touring show called "World Cup of Comedy"?
It's not a competition like the soccer tournament. We wanted to showcase some of the best comics whose comedy is of their ethnic background. At the same time we wanted to expose ourselves to other audiences other than our specific ethnic background. The more we do these shows, the more we realize that not only do people want to hear "their" stories, they want to listen to other people's story as well.
Do you think that ethnic comedy has evened out now in this country or does  this  show prove that there is still as strong desire?
I think there's still a desire for ethnic comedy because it comes from a "real place". As long as the stories are funny and original, it adds a dimension to the comedy. Look at shows like Jersey Shore and Cake Boss... the characters help drive the shows. However, I am sure there will be a day where certain ethnicities will become so North Americanized that the comedy may fade away.

Are there plans to do more of these kinds of events?
Definitely, there are so many places that we have not visited with this type of show yet. We are already booked in Vancouver and plans to go to Edmonton, Calgary and a return to Montreal are all in the works.

What do you think the next trend of comedy is going to be?
That's a tough one, not really sure. I think all of us comics are looking for that "pot of gold". And if I figure it out I won't tell anybody like a good Italian...

Best of luck with the tour Frank, and congratulations on being the Comedy Star of the Week!
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