Comedy Star of the Week!


Congratulations to John Wing for winning this week's Comedy Star of the Week contest. Our producer Tracy Rideout took some time to interview John... here is how it went down:

We worked together on the CBC Radio sitcom "Man, Woman and Child" a few years ago for which this song was written. What was your inspiration for this song "Home Alone"?
As one gets older, as a male, you have less and less time to yourself. Especially in a relatively small house with children in it. A little time for oneself, that's all it was about.

You have integrated musical comedy into your stand-up act - how long have you been doing this?
I wrote a song about breaking up a relationship in 1983. It became the closing bit of my act. So, then faced with the prospect of taking the guitar everywhere, I began to write other songs. The Breakup Song was subtitled, "I Hope You Die".

There are some musical comedy performers who prefer to take existing songs and write their own lyrics. What is your preference?
In the beginning I would do short parodies of other's songs, and then have the original song at the end, but as the years have passed I've written more original pieces, and now prefer that. Oddly, the song, 'Home Alone' was from a melody a friend of mine wrote in the eighties. He never published the song, which was called, 'Any Other's Child'. When I was writing 'Home Alone' I remembered the melody and realized it fit perfectly. I phoned him and secured his permission. And now you know the rest of the story.

I know you have had some terrible experiences with airlines losing or damaging your guitar when you travel. Have you ever considered learning to play the ukulele which is much easier to pack?
I have for many years considered taking up the mandolin, but I refuse to try the Ukulele, chiefly because of how effeminate I look in a grass skirt.

Congratulations John!
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