Scott's Friday Blog


I tried having a witty title dealing with Friday, but couldn't think of any. "Black Friday" by Steely Dan came to mind, but it's sunny out, so that wouldn't fit. Anyway, it's been a great week for our website. We've got a ton of new content as you can see in our Comedy Clips section! That's always awesome.

On Saturday's show we have Derek Edwards, Tyler Hawkins, and the Comedy Star of the Week, John Wing.  Also be sure to check out our Facebook page in the next 24 hours, as there will be a Caption Contest on there, for you to enter to win some prizes!

I know, so much to take in, but we're serving you some great Canadian comedy! Have a great Friday, and enjoy the show tomorrow!

- Scott

P.S. Our "Tonight Show" poll is still at a deadlock. Conan O'Brien and Johnny Carson tied! Keep it going throughout the weekend!

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