Comedy Star of the Week!


Congratulations to Manolis Zontanos for being the LOL Comedy Star of the Week! I've had the pleasure of speaking to Manolis the the last couple days, and he is an awesome dude. I asked him a couple questions, read along, and you'll agree with me.

What made you decide to get into comedy?
Jason rouse got me in to it. He pushed me into it because Ii was scared, and he helped. Also, my dad has always been a funny dude, so I also said I wanted to be like my dad.

What's the best thing about being on stage? The worst?
Best thing about being on stage is feeling all the laughs at once. But the worst thing is waiting till your next hit of being on stage.

Some of your comedy deals with your family, especially your dad and brother. Have they always been supportive about your career choice?
I'd say no... they like it, but I think my dad would be happier if I just had a job, wife, and kids... something more safe!

Which comedian would you love to tour with?russel1.jpg
Jason Rouse and Russell Peters for sure!

What was the highlight of your career?
Opening up for Russell Peters at the laugh factory in L.A, and having Gene Simons from the rock band Kiss in the crowd watching me.

Does your brother still ask you to babysit his kid?
Ha ha, that's funny... If anything happens now, he always asks me if I'm going to put it in my act. My brother is a funny dude.

Where can we see you in the future?

I'll be in Yuk Yuk's Ottawa on May 27th, 28th, & 29th. Thanks for everything!

- Scott
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