You're a Comedian? Tell me a joke!

That is probably the worst thing you can say to a comic. Whenever I hear that, I either say, "What? Are you gonna start throwing change at me? Like I'm some sort of monkey, tied to the nut sack of some organ grinder?" OR "Okay, but wait - you're an accountant, right? Do my taxes. Now!" and then I drop a bunch of T4A's on their ass.

Typically, comics are funny people. That's why they work as comics. By the way, "work" is the key word, here. It's a job, like any other. A lot of times, comics just want to chill out and have real conversations. If you're inclined to engage in one with a comic, rather than trying to pimp them for a joke, you'll find that some of the best laughs may come from the throws of the conversation -- as it often does with other people.

So just chill out. If you see a comic at a show, and you enjoy what they do, just be real with them and let them know. Do NOT try to pimp them - unless you're wearing a canary yellow suit, with gold fish platforms... in that case, "A Muslim, Jew, and Panda go into a bar..."

- Riz
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