Canadian Star System

Did you watch the Juno's?  Did you hear Tyler from BNL say - "we don't need a comedian or actor to host"....the biggest music party in Canada (sic). I don't know, I kind of missed there being a host.  I certainly missed the humour...

I did enjoy the show for the most part though - I always like seeing the "stars" mingle with us regular folk and it got me thinking about the Star System in Canada - or lack thereof. It's the great debate isn't it?  Canadians don't like star systems because we believe we are above all that.  We certainly have a class system, although most people don't like to acknowledge it.  

I was just reading this article in the LA Times about Russell Peters and his startling lack of stardom in the US. In comparison however, he's a pretty big star here in Canada - all one has to do is look at his sell-out shows across the country.  Russell can't walk alone from the Pantages Hotel to Dundas Square in Toronto without security: let alone an entourage.  So is this indeed evidence of a "Star System" here? I don't know - I think Russell is an incredible phenomenon - and of course incredibly funny - and more important, very likeable.  Ah - that's the word.  "Likeable" is more important to me than being a star. Maybe that's why it doesn't matter as much to us.  We just want to like people for who they are - not because they are a "star".  What do you think?

- TR
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