The comedian-heckler relationship

Is Guy Earle a comedy martyr or a guy who lost control of the situation?

Is he a homophobic comic who couldn't control his temper or a victim of thin-skinned comedy club patrons who were expecting anonymity and safety?

Comedy is dangerous, and audiences need to be prepared to get some shots taken at them - especially if they're talking during the performance. Still, an experienced comic should be able to disarm and defuse a couple of hecklers without getting into a physical altercation, and an experienced club owner should be able to remove potentially over-served patrons unobtrusively.

What do you think? Our poll last week showed that many comedy goers think heckling enhances the experience. Really? Heckle and risk being part of the show or sit back and laugh (or not) as the case may be. Either way, if you are sensitive about being fat, thin, gay, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, black white, Polish, American, human or alien, you may want to think twice about partaking in a live comedy event. If your basic state of being is one of comfort with yourself you'll probably have a good time.

What do you think? I know you have to register to comment - annoying I know - I'll talk to you about that tomorrow.

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