Parked in front of a Planet...

So on my first episode of LOL, where I introduced myself, I compared my ongoing role(s) on Afghanada to the unknown ensign on Star Trek that gets killed every episode, because I've been "off'd" twelve times on that show. I thought about it, and I'm actually NOT playing the ensign on Star Trek - I play that spaceship on Star Trek that everyone knew would just blow up for no reason. It'd be some dinky shuttle craft, with a big ass windshield; it'd be parked in front of some random planet, for no apparent reason other than being "stuck", and then it'd just blow up! That's me on Afghanada. Now, me on LOL - that's a totally different story. Running with the Star Trek references, my job is more like the Space Station on DS9 - or, better yet, the worm hole on DS9. Ideally, I'm opening up a gateway to a whole world of comedy, while looking like a celestial sphincter.

I'm here in Winnipeg for the Comedy Festival. Will post up some goodies in a bit.

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