The lengths I'll go to...

So right out the gate, I'm dressed like Strawberry Shortcake because it was the only costume I had access to that came with a bonnet.

I needed to wear a bonnet because, in this latest episode (Mar. 27), Brent Butt had a hilarious bit about how he was at the CBC one day, looking for a suit in the wardrobe department.  He couldn't find a single one - but DID end up finding a sh*tload of bonnets.  That's because CBC television is all about producing period pieces. And I thought, "Why not find one in the building, and wear it during the show?"  Problem was that CBC Toronto sold off their wardrobe department a long time ago, so now I had to go find a bonnet on my own!

I didn't have to look further than my own closet - rather, my wife's closet (...seriously... we lead exciting lives, her and I - check THIS out!) Anyhow, I borrowed her costume, had the photo taken, and now risk having this pic resurface in ten years on some kind of futuristic version of TMZ, but with holograms.  Yeah, imagine me in a bonnet... as a hologram!

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