Happy New Year from Laugh Out Loud!

Welcome to 2012! Please forgive this humble host his excitement. You see, over the next...

January 7, 2012

Chris Gibbs and Sandra Shamus...

January 14, 2012

We celebrate the body with all it's imperfections....

Celebrate Your Body w/ Big Daddy Tazz, Joey Elias, & Brian Aylward

It's January, and the onslaught of holiday shopping ads have been replaced with weight loss ads...

January 21, 2012

Accent on Toronto 10th Anniversary show Part 2 with Ron Josol and Derek Edwards....

Accent On Toronto - Part 2 w/ Ron Josol and Derek Edwards!

On today's show, I'll be presenting part 2..of...well, at least a few more parts...of...

january 28, 2012

Every woman knows that a good foundation is just if not more important than the...

LOL Salutes The Ladies w/ Heidi Foss, Cory Mack, Diana Frances, and Anna Gustafson!

This week, in a New York Times profile, comedian Eddie Brill got into hot water...

February 4, 2012

All-star musical extravaganza!...

Sing- Along w/ Hot Thespian Action, George Westerholm, Jessica Holmes, Cathy Jones and Seán Cullen!

Here at Laugh Out Loud, it's our goal...our mandate..our MISSION...ok, that's a bit much..let's just... Read More »

A listener's email...

We received a great response from our "Salute To The Ladies" episode that aired... Read More »

February 11, 2012

It's our V'Day show but "V" does not mean Victory for all....... Read More »

Valentine's Love Fest w/ Jeff McEnery, Andrew Grose, & Stewart Francis!

Aaaaaah, love. Young love....old love...it's all beautiful isn't it? I think I should come... Read More »

ENCORE PRESENTATION: - More Manitoba Comedy!

This week, I'm bringing you some more, very fresh comedy, recorded just a few weeks... Read More »

February 18, 2012

From the Pantages stage - It's the Hystereotypes show!... Read More »

Laugh Out Loud February 25, 2012

"Mirror, Mirror" Recorded live at the Pantages Theatre.... Read More »

"Mirror, Mirror" with Maureen Langan, Pete Johansson, and Ryan Belleville!

Today on the show our comedians take a long, hard look at themselves. Khalil Gibran... Read More »

March 3, 2012

Not Necessarily for Radio!... Read More »

"Not Necessarily For Radio" with Reggie Watts, Hal Sparks, and Hot Thespian Action!

On today's show we're presenting comedy that's "Not Necessarily For Radio". Now, get it out... Read More »

March 10, 2012

Dave Merheje recorded at Glenn Gould Studio, Hold onto your hats!... Read More »

Laugh Out Loud Presents: Dave Merheje!

This week, the spotlight is fixed on Dave Merheje, with a set that Laugh... Read More »

Laugh Out Loud Presents: Terry Hollas & Trent McClellan!

On this week's show, we head to Calgary, Alberta for a couple of sets from... Read More »

Live from Vancouver with Charlie Demers, Michelle Shaughnessy and Chris James!

On today's show, you'll hear some more comics from Laugh Out Loud's Winter Road Trip!... Read More »

Laugh Out Loud presents: Gilson Lubin!

Today we're shining our spotlight on Toronto's Gilson Lubin. We recorded Gilson a few weeks... Read More »

LOL Presents Cory Mack & Kevin Stobo in Calgary!

This week, we present a very special edition of Laugh Out Loud! It's "radio verite"... Read More »

Encore Presentation: "Misforturne" w/ Pete Zedlacher & Rob Pue!

Please enjoy this Encore Presentation of Laugh Out Loud! LOL producer, Tracy Rideout, and I... Read More »

LOL w/ Kyle Bottom and Remembering Gord Paynter

Hello! We have just returned from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival where we saw and recorded...

Accent On Toronto - Part 3 w/ Angelo Tsarouchas & Debra DiGiovanni!

This week I'm bringing you the final instalment of the 10th Annual "Accent On...

LOL Presents Ali Hassan, Keith Pedro & Sunee Dhaliwal!

Today, I have some more comics that we recorded this year at a couple of...

LOL Presents Ed Byrne, Gina Yashere and Norm MacDonald

World Class Comedy! This is an encore episode from November 2011. The three performers we...

LOL presents Johnny Bagpipes & Perry Perlmutar!

This week on the show you're going to be hearing two feature sets from a...

Canadian actor Paul O'Sullivan dies

Canadian veteran actor and comedian Paul O'Sullivan has died in a car crash near his...

LOL presents K Trevor Wilson & Rob Bebenek at The Cottage Country Comedy Festival!

Last weekend I celebrated Queen Victoria's birthday with a long weekend. "Victoria Day" or "May...

LOL Presents Pete Zedlacher & Ward Anderson @ Cottage Country Comedy Festival!

This week, we're piling into the station wagon - I'm not even sure those exist,...

LOL Maureen Langan, Pete Johansson and Ryan Belleville

Mirror, mirror on the wall....who's the prettiest comedian of all? Today on the show our...

Your Requests for Derek Edwards, Stewart Francis and Dave Hemstad!

The final two shows of LOL's regular season will be filled with requests for...

Your Requests for Joey Elias, Bob Marley, Charlie Demers & Sean Cullen!

This week, you'll hear requests from Victoria, Winnipeg and Toronto! This is the final,...

Cottage Country Festival and Laugh Out Loud Presents...

ANNOUNCEMENT! Here is the information you've been waiting for.  Laugh Out Loud Presents at the...

Laugh Out Loud in the Summer with Heidi Foss, Diana Frances and more!

Laugh Out Loud in the Summer with Tracy Rideout salutes the women of comedy in...

Gilson Lubin: A Laugh Out Loud Spotlight

Gilson Lubin was in the first wave of New Ethnic Canadian comedians - being a...

Trent McClellan and Terry Hollas LOL in the Summer

From the Calgary road trip earlier this year, two pro's; Trent McClellan and Terry Hollas....

Chris James and Kyle Bottom LOL in the Summer!

Being an amateur comedian is a lot of work and takes years of practice.  Listen...

Martha Chaves and Frank Spadone have the last Laugh Out Loud in the Summer

We put up a Facebook post hinting that this show would be about the "D"...

Back To Reality with Steve Brinder, Mrs. Hughes & Irwin Barker!

Welcome to a brand new season of Laugh Out Loud! It's great to be back... Read More »

Joey Elias & Ian Sirota @ The 2012 Cottage Country Comedy Festival!

This past summer, Laugh Out Loud went on the road! We headed to Bracebridge, Ontario... Read More »

LOL presents: Stan Thomson, Lori Gibbs, Brad Muise & Tim Rabnett!

We're going to spend the majority of this week's show in the city that was... Read More »

Unhealthy Children & Impressions w/ Matt Kirshen & Patrick Maliha!

On today's show, you'll be whisked away to one great city, the heart of this... Read More »

Giving Thanks w/ Jim McNally, Bob Smith & Sherri D. Sutton

Thanksgiving! It seems like it should be sweet! Family, gathering over a hearty meal, spending... Read More »

Seán Cullen in "Four Faces of Seán"

This week on Laugh Out Loud it's ALL SEÁN CULLEN, ALL THE TIME!... Read More »

ENCORE! LOL Presents Ali Hassan, Keith Pedro & Sunee Dhaliwal!

This week, you'll hear an encore of some comics that we recorded this past year at... Read More »

Runnin' Back To Winnipeg w/ Fraser Young & Nigel Lawrence!

On this week's edition of Laugh Out Loud, you're heading back to Manitoba for a... Read More »

Old School Comedy w/ Judy Gold & Lou Dinos!

Today, LOL continues our mission to bring you the best comedy from Canada and around... Read More »

West Coast Comedy w/ Paul Bae, Jen Grant, & Graham Clark!

This week, you'll hear part one of our celebration of the comedic differences between Canada's... Read More »

East Coast Comedy w/ Patrick Ledwell, Peter White & Mark Critch!

This week, you'll hear part two of our examination of the comedic differences between Canada's... Read More »

Talkin' Bout My Generation with Andrew Grose, John Hastings and Graham Chittenden

On this week's show, our comics are "Talkin' 'Bout My Generation". Well, not my generation... Read More »

Accent On Toronto (Pt. 1) w/ Daniela Saioni & Dave Hemstad!

On the show today, you're going to hear part one of our presentation of the... Read More »

Happy Hanukkah with Jon Steinberg, Jeff Rothpan & Cory Kahaney!

We are well into December now, and Holiday Season is here. As a matter of... Read More »

Early Gifts from Tim Nutt, Scott Harris, & David Merry!

If you're like me, you get really excited around this time of year! I remember,... Read More »

Happy Holidays from Lorne Elliott, Bowser & Blue, Dolores Dagenais and more!

Welcome to Laugh Out Loud's Annual Non-Denomination-Specific Winter Season Holiday Time Special!... Read More »

ENCORE! LOL presents Johnny Bagpipes & Perry Perlmutar!

(Originally aired May 19, 2012) This week on the show you're going to be hearing two... Read More »
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