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Jan 12, 2014 The Quahog Shuffle

The Quahog Shuffle

Barry Nippard had never heard of a quahog before...he'd never even seen one.  He'd certainly never fished for one.  He'd spent most of his time on a longliner in Newfoundland.

But when Barry found himself in Prince Edward Island looking for seasonal work, he started asking questions about the type of clam called a quahog.  And before long, he was on the beaches of PEI in his stocking feet, doing the quahog shuffle.  Fishing for the shellfish you find with your feet.

Quahogs led to oysters, and oysters led to building dories.  And before long, the young fisherman from Fogo Island had a life in PEI, and a family...and a way to once again make a living from the sea.

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