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Aug 4, 2013 Archival Special - Aunt Lydia

Archival Special - Aunt Lydia

She was born in Labrador in the early 1800's...the daughter of an English settler and an Inuit woman.  She would become known as Aunt Lydia, one of history's most famous Labrador women.


Aunt Lydia Campbell was taught how to read and write...a rare thing at that time. And she took advantage of the gift. She wrote about her life and the land around her. Aunt Lydia was writing of these things when no other native Labradorian was, and her stories have been passed down through the generations.


In this archival special, we meet Aunt Lydia through the impressions of two of her decendants...two women also determined to preserve the legacy of Aunt Lydia, and the stories of the land that was so dear to her.

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