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Jul 8, 2012 Dulcie's in the Store

Dulcie's in the Store
There are few stores left like it in outport Newfoundland.  And there are few proprietors left like Dulcie Toms.
Her story began over 50 years ago, when Dulcie married and started working in her in-laws' family store in Rattling Brook.  Joshua Toms and sons.  The store that time forgot.  The store that's still in business, thanks to Dulcie  The store that's become as much a part of her as family and friends.
It was a livelihood once.  Now, the store is a way of life for Dulcie.  And a fixture in her outport community.  A place where some still gather the odd time...for a chat, a bit of music...and maybe a warm-up by the old wood stove. 
In this'll see why Dulcie's always in the store.
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