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Sep 11, 2011 The Mi'kmaq Way

The Mi'kmaq Way

There aren't too many people in Newfoundland and Labrador who can say they lived in a wigwam, or paddled a birch bark canoe.  But John Nick Jeddore can.  He's the Conne River Elder who lived the Mi'kmaq way.  A way of life long abandoned by the Mi'kmaq, but remembered by John Nick...remembered, because he was part of it.

John Nick and those of his generation ate what the land, and the seasons, provided.  Caribou, salmon...eel, bear paws, muskrat, caribou innards...everything was graciously accepted.  Nothing was wasted.

John Nick still has a taste for the foods that kept him alive as a boy...and many vivid memories of his months in the country.  But even though he's in tune with his past, John Nick Jeddore is a man who's very much kept up with the times...a man you won't soon forget. 

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