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Aug 15, 2010 The Only Child

The Only Child

In Grandois, near the top of the Northern Peninsula, there are less than 30 people. Seniors, mostly.  And one teenager. Thirteen-year-old Nathan Alyward.

In this story, we see what life is like for Nathan Alyward, in the place that's been dying a slow death since the cod closure in '92.

Before that, Grandois was a busy little outport.  There was a fishplant and a school.  But both closed with the cod fishery, and the sun began to set on Grandois.

It might not be the average life of a 13-year-old, living in such a tiny remote place. And Nathan will tell you, sometimes he gets pretty bored.  But on the other hand, Nathan has a kind of freedom in Grandois few kids have these days.  And he makes the most of it.


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