Aug 7, 2009 The Horse Lady

The Horse Lady
In Whiteway, Trinity Bay, they call her The Horse Lady. She's Renee Harnum, the young woman who's loved animals all her life...especially horses.  Big and small.

Renee has a soft spot for any animal really.  Pretty much anything with a heartbeat.  But there's always been something special about horses. Something that brings out the artist in the animal lover.

Renee's been painting seriously for about 10 years now, at her kitchen table in Whiteway. Much of her work is inspired by the animals around her...her birds, her goat, and of course, her three miniature horses.  Even though she's a new mom, she still finds time to look after her animals, and her art.  She'll often paint with her baby in her lap.

Each painting tells a story...the story of the horse or foal or rooster that inspired it. They're all familiar creatures to Renee. They're the birds and animals that either are, or have been, a part of her life.

Renee paints other things too.  But she always comes back to the animals around her...the animals that inspire her most.
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