May 9, 2010 Dr. Jeon

Dr. Jeon

If it weren't for foreign doctors, some outports in Nfld and Labrador wouldn't have a doctor at all.

Most don't stay long. They see the outports as a quick ticket to somewhere better.

But this Land and Sea story is about one doctor who came, and who stayed, and who is truly loved.

His name is Yong Kee Jeon.
He was born in North Korea and came to Newfoundland in 1966.
It was meant to be a short stay of just a couple of years.
But fate intervened one night at the cottage hospital in Brookfield, Bonavista Bay.

This is a story of warmth and emotion told by the people whose lives he touched.
It's a story about a man who worked tirelessly, day and night.

It's a story about the challenges facing his wife Suk Gue who raised 5 children with an absentee husband, and her own family halfway across the world.
It's a story of great faith and great love; two people who were married for four months, and wouldn't see each other for four years.

It's appropriately entitled "Dr. Jeon".

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