Apr 25, 2010 The Crest of the Wave

The Crest of the Wave

She was a bird biologist. He worked in the offshore. But more than two decades ago, Doug and Jennifer Caines decided to have a go at aquaculture. They set up a scallop farm near their home in Pool's Cove, a little outport in Fortune Bay, Newfoundland. The farm was their baby for close to ten years. Doug and Jennifer worked together...they invested money together...and they believed in what they were doing.

But as hard as they worked, and as much as they believed, the scallop farm never became profitable. So the Caines threw in the towel and got on with their lives.

Doug went back to school...Jennifer started teaching. And then, someone approached them about a salmon farm.

Today, Doug and Jennifer are managing a team that have made aquacultural history in Fortune Bay...farming salmon in places they've never been farmed before. By the hundreds of thousands.

Finally, the Caines are riding the crest of the wave.

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