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 Listeners from Away - Contest

Where do you listen to Labrador Morning? We're looking for listeners outside Labrador. We'd like to hear from you. Tell us where you listening from. Let us know why you tune in to our program and you could win one of our handsome Labrador Morning Clocks. 

This is a contest for those of you  listening via the web, or even shortwave...away from Labrador .

One listener from theUnited States writes:

  "I have no connection to Labrador or Atlantic Canada, for that matter, other than having read Shipping News when it came out and kind of a passing interest in the region's role in WWII and the Cold War.  And that the area looks absolutely beautiful in photos.


"I was curious about the state of local news.  I live in a suburb of Washington DC and have found that here in the States, at least, local news is kind of dying.  Very difficult for me to get information on my local issues.  As part of this, I tried listening to radio podcasts in rural US and was disappointed... so started listening to CBC podcasts and was impressed at how good coverage was of local news... and was blown away by local coverage in Labrador. 


"I just got in the habit of listening to it and enjoy things like Jigs and Reels (for the issues and the dialects) and now I listen almost every evening after the kids are in bed and I am winding down.  So it has kind of entered my life in this way...and I got to thinking about one of those clocks... "


 John Goldsmith




 Ever since I was a kid, riding around the countryside with my Soil Conservationist father, I've enjoyed listening to radio stations from small, rural communities. There was something comforting in the voices on the radio talking to their listeners as if they were sitting across the table from them. I read a book "Great Heart," I think, and became intrigued with Labrador.

It was a happy surprise to find the Labrador Morning show. Tony Dawson's warm voice makes me feel welcome to share a little bit of what it is like to be Labradorian. I have coffee with Tony Dawson every morning during the week. And, the clock is cool, too.


Stephen Schwoegler

  La Crosse, WI (US)






 So, How about you, If your outside Labrador, anywhere in the world... bring your world a little closer to ours and call our talkback numbers, or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you and, you may win a handsome Labrador Morning clock.

Talkback numbers: 709-896-3509 Toll Free 1-888-699-8255.

 or use the email form on the right side of this page.