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Jean-Sebastien L'Heureux - A look at the North Spur

An engineer from the Norwegian Technical Institute says there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of the Muskrat Falls dam. Last week on the show we heard from Roberta Benefiel, who’s with Grand River Keeper. She’s worried that the North Spur…. part of the Muskrat Falls site… wasn’t stable enough to hold a dam. So, she and others, asked Jean-Sebastien L’Heureux to take a look. L’Heureux is a land-slide expert. And it just so happens… he JUST came from a conference in Quebec where he met some of the engineers working on the dam, and had a chance to look at the plans. He spoke with the CBC’s Kate Adach on Friday.

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Link to Mp3: Jean-Sebastien L’Heureux