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Land Surveyors Dispute

The steady march of progress continues in Labrador…. and as the region grows, and the amount of work increases…. so does competition for jobs. Some of that competition is playing out in the classified section. The Association of Newfoundland Land Surveyors —- that’s the group who regulates all land surveyors in the province —- took out an ad…. advising the public that “Big Land Geomatics” is NOT authorized to provide “professional land surveying services” to the public. A company is required by law to have approval from the association before doing any land surveying. The ad is the latest step in what the regulator says is a continuing investigation into “Big Land Geomatics” …. and whether or not they are doing work illegally. Keith Renouf is the association’s registrar. and, Dermot Morris is one owner of “Big Land Geomatics”. They spoke with Labrador Morning’s Matt McCann .

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