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Outcry over a Real Estate ad

The ad was only up for about 18 hours: For lease in Happy Valley-Goose Bay…. a two bedroom… two bathroom… all inclusive unit for three thousand dollars a month It shows the building… in a lot… with no landscaping.
Posted on one of the town’s busiest Facebook pages…. it wasn’t long before the comments started — and they weren’t good. In the comments section… locals started unleashing their frustration at the housing situation in town. Some asked if the price included groceries…. a driveway…. and a lawn. Others just blamed the property owners for helping contribute to a housing shortage. Scott Clarke is one of them. He’s from Happy Valley-Goose Bay…. but now lives in North West River… where he says rent is more affordable. Scott Clarke lives in North West River. Wayne Sheppard works for Re/Max…. the company that posted the ad for the property owners. They spoke with Labrador Morning reporter Matt McCann.

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