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70th Anniversary of the founding of Happy Valley

Today…..September 26th…. marks seventy years since the founding of the town of Happy Valley. The community started after the RCAF told settlers that Otter Creek was too close to the base… and they’d have to find somewhere else to live. Three men headed down into the valley…. and chose the site that would eventually become one half of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Today…. on the site of the first house built in Happy Valley…. there’s a plaque dedicated to the founders — John Broomfield… Thorwald Perrault…. and Gilbert Saunders. Gilbert’s granddaughter Gillian Saunders lives there now… and
Joe Goudie lives in that old section of town…. just down the road from the site of that first house. He was four years old when his parents moved there shortly after the first 3 families arrived way back in 1943…. and things have changed significantly since those days. They both spoke with Labrador Morning’s Matt McCann.

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