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"Dear Everybody" - A book by Ann Budgell

DEAR EVERYBODY_01.jpg Dear Everybody - by Anne Budgell From ball-gowns to parkas … limousines to canoes, Barbara Mundy left a lot behind when she departed New York in the 40s. She came to North West River as a volunteer with the Grenfell Mission. She married a local man, Russell Groves, and settled down. But Barbara Mundy’s version of settling down is far from typical. The former socialite embraced the outdoors… and joined her husband on the trapline for two winters. Barbara and Russell’s story is documented in a new book called “Dear Everybody” It’s by Anne Budgell… who you might remember as a longtime CBC Radio Host. Our Bailey White sat down with Anne Budgell… and with Marjorie Groves — Barbara’s daughter.

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