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Muskrat Falls - Hydro-Quebec suit and Agent White

HydroQuebec LOGO.jpg Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Nalcor LCP Logo  .pngIt was a twist-ending to a highly-anticipated day. Yesterday the Nova Scotia Utilities board approved the so-called Maritime Link…. an underwater cable that would send power from Muskrat Falls to Nova Scotia. The board approved on a few conditions…. and Nalcor President Ed Martin met with reporters in St. John’s to answer questions about those conditions.
But on his way to meet the press, Martin got some news. Hydro-Quebec had filed suit in a Superior Court …. claiming it has rights to the water that would flow through the completed Muskrat Falls generating station. Here’s part of what that press conference sounded like: Meanwhile….. In the midst of news about the Maritime Link, the provincial NDP is raising questions about another aspect of the Muskrat Falls project. MHA George Murphy says he’s concerned about use of the herbicide Agent White. According to a report by the Canadian Environmental Assessment agency….. Nalcor plans to use Agent White along the transmission route in Labrador and on the Island….. to keep vegetation from overwhelming power lines. Agent White is also known as Tordon 101… and it’s illegal for cosmetic use. But it IS used by the province along highways. George Murphy spoke to Labrador Morning’s Bailey White about the herbicide.

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