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Labrador West Forest Fire - Evacuation lifted

The evacuation is over, but the fire less than 4 kilometres outside of Wabush continues to burn. It’s been a stressful time for many residents in Lab west. The fire began last Sunday and it’s been creeping it’s way into their lives ever since. Through it all our Chris Ensing has been on top of every angle… This morning we have him on the line with the latest.

At times over the weekend heavy smoke and ash prevented air crews from seeing the fire. It also prompted the town of Wabush to declare a state of emergency and evacuate the town due to concerns about air quality. Residents spent two nights away from home…in Labrador City. On Sunday night, they were told they could return. CBC reporter Matt McCann was in Wabush as residents came home…. and spoke with some of them.

and…..A big reason things went so smoothly on Friday night when the evacuation was called… is the Canadian Red Cross. Crisis officials were on the front lines when people from Wabush started flooding into Labrador city. And while residents are now home in Wabush, the red Cross isn’t going anywhere …for now Ches Hollett is in command of the operation….He speaks with Tony Dawson.

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Link to Mp3: FIRE UPDATE JUL 02