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Outrage in Labrador

People in Labrador are asking why more isn’t being done to enforce probation conditions for criminals. The body of Bernice Rich was found in the woods near homes in Sheshatshiu last Friday. The man accused of her murder…Gordon Milley… was on probation at the time and not even allowed in the community. Sadly, it’s not the first time a murder has raised questions about probation services in this province. Reporter Adam Walsh has been looking into this. He speaks with tony Dawson and… Julianna Pijogge of Natuashish says it’s time to stop the violence against women. She’s encouraging people to speak up about it. Pijogge is no stranger to violence….she’s experienced it first hand. She is the cousin of Bernice Rich who was murdered in Sheshatshiu last week. She speaks with CBC’s Kate Adach.

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