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Coping with Murder in Sheshatshiu

Vigil_Milley.JPG Vigil for Bernice Rich in Sheshatshiu - Gordon Milley in court Labrador’s Innu communities are continuing to try and cope with the death of 21 year old Bernice Rich… and the cirucmstances around it. On Friday police found her body in a wooded area of the community…. after responding to an assault complaint. Now 30 year old Gordon Raymond Milley is charged with her murder. Milley made his first appearance in court yesterday. Our reporter Matt McCann was there.

and.. About 200 residents of Sheshatshiu gathered last night near the police tape surrounding where Bernice Rich’s body was found. They lit candles and said little, but sang and prayed together. After the vigil, a couple of the women reflected on what happened and what they feel needs to change to prevent future violence in their community..

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