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Muskrat Nova Scotia - Maritime Link

muskrat falls.jpgBack in November, Prime Minster Stephen Harper visited Happy Valley-Goose Bay to announce the federal loan guarantee for the Muskrat Falls project. At the time he said the loan was contingent on the Maritime Link, a 1.5 billion dollar project that will export hydroeletricity from Muskrat Falls to Nova Scotia. The Prime Minister also said he didn’t see anything getting in the way of stopping that link from being built. Despite his optomistic outlook…there’s certainly lots of opposition in Nova Scotia. And many of those voices will be heard, starting today at public hearings in Halifax. Nova Scotia’s power company, Emera, is asking the Utility and Review Board to approve the construction of the Maritime Link…
The power company and the Province of Nova Scotia say this project is the cheapest way to see coal-fired plants in Nova Scotia phased out over the next 40 years. Others disagree. The CBC’s Jennifer Henderson has been following the story and is on the line with Tony Dawson..

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