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Trudeaumania hits Labrador

justiin trudeau 009.jpg Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on “CBC Labrador Morning” (photo: Tony Dawson) Last night, an estatic group of Liberal supporters welcomed Justin Trudeau with open arms. About one hundred people crammed into the Kin Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
The federal Liberal leader swooped in to support the Yvonne Jones campaign. And Trudeau was greeted like a rock-star. Labrador Morning’s John Gaudi was at the Liberal rally. Here’s how it sounded - and what people had to say about meeting Trudeau. And, Justin Trudeau’s stop in Labrador is getting all kinds of media attention. Every move the new Liberal Leader makes these days is being put under the microscope. And his trip to the Big Land is no exception. He made a point in his acceptance speech to tell Labradorians this was going to be his first big stop.He’s in our studio with “Labrador Morning” host Tony Dawson.

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