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Boom and Bust in Labrador West

Many people in Labrador West know too well that the mining industry is a cyclical one. In the early eighties hundreds of people were laid off. In recent years things have been booming , but for several months now ,there’s been a slight slowdown. Bloom lake cancelled part two of it’s expansion and Cliffs is closing it’s pellet plant in Pointe Noire Quebec. So how do communities get through the booms, and the busts. That’s the topic of a presentation made last night by Dr. John Thistle of the Labrador Institute at a forum in Labrador City. and it’s no secret the iron ore industry is sagging lately. A rececnt article in the Northern Miner Newspaper goes so far as to call it gloomy. To find out why we are looking at a bust these days, our Mike Power Caught up with the paper’s senior staff writer, Gwen Preston.

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