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Penashue Resigns - Fallout

PENASHUE.PNG Peter Penashue The man at the centre of the Peter Penashue election spending scandal says he had no idea Penashue was resigning. Reg Bowers was once Penashue’s right hand man, but now he’s the one left taking the blame. Still, Bowers told the CBC’s Evan Solomon on “The House” this weekend, he still thinks Penashue is a great leader. We have some of that interview.

When Peter Penashue resigned he admitted his campaign took illegal donations, but now we know just how many. Elections Canada documents show 28 donations had to be returned. And that added up to some big dollars. Peter Cowan with those details.

On our commentary segment - The House of Commons resumes sitting today, but Peter Penashue won’t be there. The controversy over campaign irregularities resulted in Penashue resigning last Thursday. He says he will seek re-election when a byelection is called. John Calver is a former CBC National reporter in this province. we have his take on Penashue.

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