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Dust study audit in Labrador West

HEATHER_CLARE.PNG heather Bruce-Veitch - Clare Murphy The follow up to a dust study 13 years ago at the mines in Western Labrador is about to get under way. The provincial government has hired a firm to do a medical audit of two thousand past and present workers. The union is applauding the move, and so is the Iron Ore Company of Canada. The Manager of external relations for IOC , Heather Bruce-Veitch. and…Frank Murphy worked for the Iron ore company of Canada for thirty five years. He and his wife Claire, a retired nurse, now live in Clarkes Beach. Frank is a quiet man, who now suffers the consequences of working in a dusty environment. His wife Claire, on the other hand, is very vocal on the issue of dust in the workplace. Mike Power speaks with Heather Bruce-Veitch and Claire Murphy about this new medical audit by the province.