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Re-visiting the Burton Winters search

Thumbnail image for Burton  Winters_02.jpg Burton Winters This week marks the one year anniversary of Burton Winters disappearing onto the sea ice near Makkovik. The teen was found three days later having tragically frozen to death. Burton Winters was last seen leaving his grandmother’s house on a Sunday afternoon on his snowmobile. By that Tuesday, the RCMP had called off the ground search for the 14-year-old. Searchers focussed instead on an open stretch of water they thought he may have fallen into. Colleen spoke with Corp Kimball Vardy in Makkovik about the search on January 31st 2012. also… A vigil was held in Makkovik to remember Burton Winters who had bravely walked 19 km to try to find his way home. Burton’s parents spoke for the first time at that vigil. Paulette Rice is Burton’s mother, Natalie Jacque is Burton’s stepmother and Rod Jacque is his father.

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