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Questions from the House - Randy Edmunds

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for randy edmunds-2011.jpg MHA Randy Edmunds Things are not looking good for the George River caribou herd. The latest estimates indicate the herd has recently dropped by 5-thousand animals. That prompted Randy Edmunds to ask this question in the House of Assembly yesterday. with a response from Environment minister, Tom Hedderson, Nick McGrath was asked about caribou in Question Period yesterday, but it was clear the minister for Labrador Affairs really wanted to talk about Yvonne Jones. On Tuesday, Jones asked why other Labradorians aren’t included in a Muskrat Falls benefits deal similar to the Innu’s New Dawn agreement. Here’s what McGrath had to say yesterday in response. and… Yvonne Jones rose to present a petition, and used the opportunity to talk back to McGrath.

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