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Prime Minister Harper - In Labrador for Muskrat Announcement

harper_dexter_mackay_dunderdale_penashue.PNG Stephan Harper - Darrell Dexter - Peter Mackay - Kathy Dunderdale - Peter Penashue Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be at 5 Wing Goose Bay later this afternoon. He’s coming to announce the finalization of a loan guarantee for Muskrat Falls. Negotiations on the loan guarantee were happening late into the day yesterday. Premier Kathy Dunderdale also made last minute plans to travel to Labrador today, along with the Nova Scotia Premier Darrel Dexter. The timing is quite sudden and it seems like this entire event has been pulled together in the last 24 hours. For some insight into Harper’s big announcement today, we have Elizabeth Thompson on the line. She’s one of our regular political columnists at Labrador Morning and a senior writer for

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