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Penashue - Rookie mistakes? Professor Nelson Wiseman

Nelson Wiseman.png Professor Nelson Wiseman Is it a case of the rookie not knowing the rules? According to some… federal Tory cabinet Minister Peter Penashue still has a lot of explaining to do over allegations of electoral mis-spending. Documents show he racked-up more than 24-thousand dollars in flights in the 2011 election campaign. They also show Provincial Airlines agreed to provide unlimited travel to Pensahue and his family for 7-thousand dollars… But that arrangement was not finalized until 4 months after the election. In his defence, Penashue says the 2011 election was only his first election, and is dismissing calls from the opposition for his resignation. To discuss his explanations and more, I’m joined by professor Nelson Wiseman. He teaches Canadian Politics at the University of Toronto and is an expert on election campaigns. And he joins Tony Dawson from Toronto

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