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German U-Boat in the Churchill - Far fetched !

uboat-sonar-scan-20120725.jpg Brian Corbin believes this image, taken with side-scanning sonar in Labrador’s Churchill River, is a German U-boat. (Submitted) The idea of a German U-Boat at the bottom of the Churchill River has caught the imagination of a lot of people. Could it be true that sometime during the second World War, a U-Boat made its way up Lake Melvile and into the Churchill River? There’s a picture on our website of some metal-looking-thing sitting in about 60 feet of water. The picture comes from a sonar device used two years ago in the search for the bodies of three missing men who had gone over Muskrat Falls. Dr. Paul Collins has been following this story. He’s a graduate of Memorial University and specializes in Newfoundland’s role in the Battle of the North Atlantic. Tony Dawson reached him in St. John’s.

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