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Another ice island - On the way?

ice island_07_12.jpg Three images showing the Petermann glacier iceberg calving and drifting downstream on 16/17 July 2012. Left: 16 July 10:25 GMT; middle: 16 July 12:00 GMT; and right: 17 July 09:30 GMT. Photograph: Modis/Aqua/Nasa A snow white island twice the size of Manhattan may be drifting towards this province. The huge chunk of ice broke off the Petermann Glacier earlier this week. An ice island double the size of this one broke off the Greenland glacier two years ago… and chunks of THAT ended up in waters off our shores. The icebergs filled up tour boats - and drinking glasses. Desmond Power is the Vice-President at C-CORE, a research and development organization associated with Memorial University, and is on the line with Tony Dawson

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