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Forest fires and Lightning in Labrador

Thumbnail image for FIRE JUNE 12_12 001.jpg Forest Fire along TLH and 5 Wing Goose Bay - photos: Tony Dawson FIRE JUNE 12_12 009.jpg Well, some of you were probably at the beach yesterday with the 30 plus temps in Upper Lake Melville Area. But that dry hot weather causes more than just a good day outside. Forest fires are becoming a common thing in Happy Valley Goose Bay. There were two lightning fires on Sunday and another small forest fire yesterday at the edge of 5 Wing Goose bay near the Churchill highway. To give us the latest, Tony Dawson has Frank Phillips, Regional Standby Officer from Natural Resourceson the line. And,
Did you know that lightning ignites 4000 forest fires in Canada each year? For some extra insight into lightning strikes and fires, we’ve reached Herb Thoms. He’s with Environment Canada in Gander.

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