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The future of 5 Wing ?

Thumbnail image for 5 wing.jpgAll week on Labrador Morning we’ve been taking a close look at 5-wing Goose Bay. We’ve taken you back to the glory days - when the base and the town were bustling with foreign servicemen and the constant roar of jet engines. We’ve also looked at the base today. Although it still employees hundreds, 5-Wing can seem like a ghost town. That leaves the future. Is the base simply a cold war relic, destined to fade away? Or can the base be reborn … perhaps as a testing centre for drones, or a cold weather training area for troops? Well this morning we’ve assembled a panel to weigh in on the future of the base. We have three guests in studio. Perry Trimper was head of the Goose Bay Citizens Coalition, and still keeps a close eye on what’s happening at the base. Next to him is Bernie Bolger works on base, and is an area council union rep. and Lydia Chubbs is a Happy Valley Goose Bay town councilor.

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