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"Vigil for Burton" in Charlottetown

closeupsigns 049.jpg Vigil in Charlottetown - photo: Lisa Dempster

A vigil was held last night (Monday) in Charlottetown, Labrador. Over 80 snowmobiles took to the ice and lined up pointing north to Makkovik. Well over 200 ppl (most of our population) Braving the cold to pay tribute to the life of Burton Winters and show support to his family and friends in Makkovik. Babies wrapped in blankets, seniors and everyone in between took to the ice to do their small part. We also wanted to send a strong message of support that we agree nothing less than a rescues centre be kept in our province. You cannot put a price tag on one life and we need to ensure that what happened to Burton never happens again. Although it was a very cold evening the towns people seemed to welcome the tinge of pain on the fingers and toes as it brought the reality of Burton’s ordeal to a higher more personal level. It drove home the urgency of ensuring that we need Burton’s untimely tragic death to result in change in our province to ensure that no other child ever goes this way. He walked so far now it’s up to us to walk the rest of way for him. Charlottetown is a community that have had more than their share of tragedies. So many young people whose lives came to any end far too soon. So we know the healing power and strength that comes from the strong sense of community pulling together to help each other through.