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In memory of Burton Winters - His best friend Willy Flowers.

Burton Winters_01.jpgThe community of Makkovik is coming together to remember Burton Winters. Winter’s body was found Wednesday on the ice, 19 kilometres from his abandoned snow mobile. Many people in the community helped search for Winters. Now, they are remembering the 14 year old by lighting candles. Peter Cowan had the opportunity to speak with Winters’ best friend Willy Flowers.

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We also got this note from Amy Ford, who is originally from Makkovik.

It has been a hard last few days for us here on the coast, more so for the family, and to see the whole coast come together as one, is so heartwarming and comforting. It’s too bad it was under these circumstances, but it gives me hope knowing that we can lean on each other and be a shoulder for one another through the good times and the bad.

It’s obvious how many lives Burton has affected, even for those who did not know him were heartbroken to hear of the tragic story. Lastnight, Willie Flowers of Makkovik, asked all of his facebook friends, and people he knew, to light a candle in memory of his best friend/cousin [Burton], and it was overwhelming to see the outcome. There were people lighting candles all throughout the province, the country, even outside of the country. I had put up a facebook status asking to light a candle in his memory, and one of my friends who is a GySgt in the United States Marine Corps, stationed in Cairo, Egypt, lit one in Burton’s memory. It was definitely a warm feeling to know that so many people cared and showed it by doing just a small gesture.

Burton will never be forgotten, he had a large circle of friends and family that truly and wholeheartedly loved him. His memory will live forever in the hearts of those who knew him, even in the hearts of those who didn’t.