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Forteau Woman - Staying put - For now

boyd rowe_001.JPG LG Health CEO Boyd Rowe Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for LGHealth.jpgAn update this morning on An elderly woman in Forteau who was beingtold to go home. 90-year-old Hazel Thomas lived in her own house, with the help of her family, right up until last fall. That’s when her family put her in respite care at the long-term care centre, because they couldn’t look after her round the clock anymore. This week, Now, Mrs. Thomas wastold she has to leave the long-term care centre in Forteau. If Mrs. Thomas’ family didn’t take her home, they’ve been told the plan was to send her to the long-term care centre in St. Anthony. Gaye Jones is Hazel Thomas’ granddaughter. She explained the situation to the CBC Bernice Hillier And, since the interview Bernice Hillier, Gaye Jones was in contact with Boyd Rowe, CEO of Labrador Grenfell Health. Here’s Ms Jones with the CBC’s Cherie Wheeler

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